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“does anyone else-” yes

“am i the only one who-” no

“is it weird that i-” probably not

Ah, the moment I saw your dick, John Watson,
I remember that day with such fondness.
Your dick was large, a bit too large, but it is something that I-
Will adore forevermore.
You are a brave man, John Watson;-
And am a braver man for loving a dick of this size,
So this is what I once implored:
‘John Watson,’ said I, ‘this cock is too large for me.’
‘You need to stop talking and just sit on it, Sherlock,’ said he,
And I, Sherlock Holmes, agreed:
‘Tis a sad day indeed, when John’s dick
Cannot be freed.

— Sherlock Holmes, Complete Stories and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe (via rachial)


Sherlock with JohnimageSherlock without Johnimage


remember that time john looked at sherlock and it was not really gay



*sees a dog* *gasps loudly*

I saw a phantom
In 221B Baker Street.
Long, thick, hard;
It was John’s dick.
I asked John, ‘May I suck your dick?’
John gave me a curious gaze,
And he nodded.
‘Yes, Sherlock,’ he said,
‘But that does not mean that
I do not want to suck yours.’

— Sherlock Holmes, The Complete Poems of Stephen Crane (via rachial)